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Join now and change your life!

How you might feel afterwards?

“The Restart program was truly life changing for me. It was a fun, well informed and easy to follow program. The group sessions added to the feeling of ‘we are in this together’.”

“Since the first week of the program I have not needed to use asthma inhalers and I stopped having the usual allergies. A blood test at the end of the three-week program confirmed the success of the results: indeed the sugar levels, the BMI, the good cholesterol were all in good range.”

“it is hard to ignore that weight loss is a direct consequence of ridding the body of sugar, sugary drinks and bread”

“It is clear now that there is no turning back and that while we are in full control of what we eat, we do it consciously and are able to choose nutritious foods while limiting those that lack it.”

“I felt much fitter, less sluggish and I lost extra wight that was pulling me down before.”

“It felt good that someone else was taking responsibility for a while…”

”the 3 weeks goes by quicker there then you would think”

“I liked most the feeling of support in the group, losing weight and having more energy”

“Well, what can I say, life without sugar is possible.”

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