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What is

my approach

Heal your body with real food!
Rediscover your body’s innate intelligence
and regain control over your body and mind!


Your body is made of cells and cells are made from nutrients. What you put in your mouth directly affects the health of your body and mind.


When food and drink get absorbed into the body (the brain is another organ in the body) it has two options; it will either nourish or harm it.


Lets remember that we are a part of the animal kingdom. When we observe animals in nature we notice that they take great care of what goes into their mouths.

Their well developed sense of smell and instinctive knowledge is what keeps them healthy and helps with their survival.


We humans have made huge developments  on so many levels but have managed to somehow lose some of our animal instincts when it comes to food. One of them is why we eat. We eat because we’re hungry, we eat for the pleasure of taste and texture but we forget to eat for health.


We forget that the nutrients we ingest will dictate whether we are lively, energetic and happy or fatigued, unwell and depressed.

The good news is that EATING REAL FOOD that suits your individual need CAN BE YUMMY, NOURISHING AND SATISFYING!


Love foods

Have you ever felt unwell but couldn’t put your finger on why and give it a name? Did you ever go to the doctor complaining about symptoms, got tested and were told that there’s nothing wrong with you? Or given a pill to deal with the pain but no answer as to the cause?


It seems that with all the good work that Doctors are doing, there is a gap that many of us fall into (check My Story) where we either don’t have a disease that has a name or no one can help us find the root of our problem and help us heal it.

Here in the clinic BIO-INDIVIDUALITY is the top principle. Everybody is different. We come from different genetic backgrounds and upbringing and our diet needs to be tailored accordingly.  Come and learn how to heal , regain control over your body and mind, and awaken your innate wisdom of survival and wellness.


And start living healthily TODAY

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