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Taking responsibility for your own health with the right kind of support, leads to a new feeling of empowerment and strength.

The process:


  • Phone conversation to discuss health issues and make an appointment.

  • completing a 3 day food journal and a general questionnaire.

  • Filling in a detailed online questionnaire that will be sent directly to me.

  • Returning the forms to me at least 48 hours before the appointments for analysis.

  • 2 hour initial consultation will include getting to know you and going through your symptoms as well as a physical examination in order to listen to what the body itself has to say.

  • After the appointment you will recieve an email with all the information and recommendations discussed.

  • Follow up consultations will be determined according to individual need and will last an hour.

  • During the time between consultations you will get full support when needed.


Fees: £80 per hour.

(2 hours for the initial consultation £150).








And start living healthily TODAY

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